Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Holiday Hangover

I am hung-over. Literally and figuratively. My body feels like it is in crisis from excessive amounts of booze and food over the last week. And my mind is crying “Mommy, it’s over!”. I get a little bit depressed in the days after Christmas. There is such a big lead-up to it, the excitement is almost overwhelming. And then, POOF!, it’s all over and I’m left feeling a little bit lost. Like, I’ve been celebrating Christmas for the last month, now what the hell do I do?!

I am using yoga as a cure-all for both of my hangovers. It felt so great to step back onto my mat this week. I had intentions of practicing at least once throughout Christmas, but it just didn’t happen. With 22 people in the house it was damn near impossible to find a quiet place to practice, let alone the time. So by Tuesday, after an almost week-long hiatus from my beloved yoga, I was feeling like a glutton and completely un-centered.

It’s been a slow start. I am getting back to practicing everyday, and eating more healthily. My body is used to overindulging, so I am hungry all the time. I am trying to fill up with fruits and vegetables, but with all the goodies from Christmas still around, it’s been a challenge! I am feeling much more grounded now too, and the holiday blues are all but gone. I am able to look at Christmas for what it was, smile at the memories, and remember that it is up to me to keep the glorious feeling of Christmas alive throughout the year.

Since my husband is still on holidays, we are still in party mode. But with a little yoga everyday, and a switch back to my regular diet, I believe I can get right back on track.

Until New Year’s …. and my birthday …. ah, crap.

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