Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Letter To Santa

I helped my girls write their letters to Santa Claus last week. I showed my oldest how to spell every word so she could write it herself and wrote the Little One’s out for her after she drew a picture for Santa. They asked for the typical things - Barbie, a ball, puzzles, a toboggan (I may have suggested that one!). My youngest asked for her two back teeth so her Mommy could sleep through the night again - wasn’t that nice of her?! The little dear. I tried to suggest they ask for world peace, but the Barbie won out!

Anyways, after we sent them out, I started to wonder what I would ask Santa for for Christmas, if I was to write him a letter. World peace sounds wonderful, but perhaps a bit of a daunting task. Maybe I could ask for more understanding and compassion for my fellow man … Heck, if everyone got that for Christmas, then world peace would surely follow!

As I think of it a little more, I realize that letters to Santa are typically quite selfish. Usually children ask for things for themselves, mostly material. I think that’s okay though, obviously for children who are selfish by nature, but maybe for us adults too. What’s wrong with wanting things for yourself?

And so I have been inspired to write a letter to Santa Claus, not for my children, but for me. Why the hell not?! I want things too! In it I will include material things, like those sweet mukluks I’ve been eyeing up, or perhaps another gadget for my kitchen. But I will also include some things on my list that can’t be bought from a store; like self-acceptance - to learn to love myself more for who I am, on the inside and outside.

I’m not sure what else I will ask for. I still have to find some me time to sit down and write the letter. But, I am really looking forward to making a list of things that I want!

I recommend you do the same. And it doesn’t have to be addressed to St. Nick. Write your letter as a prayer to God, or send it to the Universe, or to yourself. Write down the things you want; from life; from yourself; from Sears. Include it all! Sometimes we don’t truly realize what it is we want until we can write it on paper and see it with our own two eyes.

When you’re done, read it, then put it away somewhere safe. Then come back to it in a week, a month, a year. Read it again and see if you still want these things. If you do, and you don’t “have” them yet, make it happen! Don’t sit back and hope things will manifest out of thin air. Figure out what YOU need to DO, and do it!

You can get whatever it is you want. You may have to realize though, that what you want, is sometimes what you already have.

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