Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yoga and Me with Child

I would love to tell you that after my first experience with yoga I went on to become a full fledged yogi, practicing everyday, and am now a master. I would love to tell you that, but I can’t, because I didn’t. I went to a handful more classes and then found out I was pregnant with our second daughter.
Unfortunately, via a group of misinformed doctors and nervous yoga instructors, I was advised not to practice yoga during my first trimester of pregnancy. So I quit. My husband was soon being moved ahead in his work and we were on our way to Moose Jaw, SK.
I continued my workout regime with an old pregnancy aerobics workout I had on VHS from the ‘80’s. While I (lightly) bounced around my living-room mimicking women clad in fluorescent coloured leg warmers and leotards, yoga became something I had tried a couple of times and really liked, but just didn’t have the time for. I was also nervous to try it again, even after my first trimester, because of past complications with my pregnancies, and the fears the doctor had instilled in me.
After our daughter was born though, I knew I needed to get back into shape, and was ready to try yoga again. I had an old friend who pointed me towards the venue in Moose Jaw where she practiced, Body In Mind Yoga Studio. I met Tracy, the fabulous owner of the studio, attended my first class with her, and haven’t looked back.
My yoga practice enabled me to build my body back up after another c-section and regain my sanity after a prolonged case of the “baby blues”. After becoming pregnant with our third child, my practice during my first trimester helped me to keep calm while my hormones raged out of control and relieved my back pain.
Recently, after the devastating loss of our son during my 5th month of pregnancy, yoga is helping to bring me back physically, emotionally and spiritually. Without it, I would be a puddle on the floor.

Note: Yoga, for most women, is absolutely okay to practice during your first trimester, and throughout your pregnancy. The benefits are too many to name. But you MUST check with your doctor first. There are definitely some poses you need to avoid while pregnant, so have a good chat with your doctor and your instructor first.


  1. It's a general rule that poses to avoid while pregnant are:
    Deep twists
    Lying on the back and belly
    Deep forward bends
    Abdominal work

    General Safe Poses Include (always check with doctor first)
    Using support and props while pregnant can increase the support and length of time a pose is held for. (ex. walls, blocks, a chair, bolsters, straps)
    Warrior 2
    Bound angle pose
    Half moon
    Fire log

    Great post Leah...Keep sharing

  2. Thanks Rachelle! I appreciate your comment!