Friday, August 26, 2011

A New Perspective

My intention was to post once a week on here, usually every Thursday. I was inspired to write earlier though, so I did. I was going to wait until Thursday to post this, but I thought, ”This is my blog, I can post whenever the fuck I want to.” I can also write the word fuck. Fuck. (Oh fuck, don’t tell my mom!)


I was picking apples from our apple tree in our backyard recently. When I was done (or thought I was) I decided to look the tree over again, just to make sure I had gotten them all. I went around and found a few stragglers. My neck was hurting from looking up all afternoon, so I decided to crouch down to relieve some pain and to get a different point of view of the tree. As I looked up, there it was. The largest, greenest, most beautiful apple on the tree right above my head. I plucked it from the branch and thought to myself, “If I hadn’t looked at this tree from a different perspective, I never would have found that apple”.

Later that same day I attended my weekly yoga class. I remembered reading somewhere that the next time I’m in class, I should set up my mat someplace different than my “usual” spot to gain a new perspective. So I set up on the other side of the studio, where I had never been before. Honestly, I didn’t like it, and will probably move back to my same old spot next time. I found it more difficult to see the instructor and, being a keener, I like to have a solid reference point so I know if I’m where I should be. However, I did end up having a bit of a laugh with the lady who had set up shop next to me (it was really more of a mutual snort and grimace as we tried to hold plank pose after some serious ab work).

I guess what I learned that day was, even though it might make you uncomfortable, looking at some thing from a new angle may help you to realize something beautiful you didn’t even know was there.

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