Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cure for a Bad Day

Everybody has bad days. Monday, for me, was no exception - I had a real shit day. I could hand you some bullshit lines about being thankful for the bad days because they make you appreciate the good ones more. Or how you have a choice and actually decided to have a bad day, that it didn’t just happen. They’re probably right, but seriously, who wants to hear that when they’re struggling to get through the day? Instead, go ahead and give a big “Fuck you” to anyone that says that to you, then try some of my practical solutions to lifting your spirits:

1. Talk to someone about it - Sometimes you can be pissed off at the world and not even really know why. I find it helps to talk it out. Either with a good friend, your spouse, your mom, or even yourself in a journal. Once you figure out the problem it’ll be much easier to work on “fixing it”. Don’t forget to get a big hug (or have a quickie, if appropriate).

2. Cry - When you’re having a bad day, no matter what the issue, you certainly have a range of emotions coursing through your mind and body. Crying is an emotional release. It helps to get rid of all the shit that you’re feeling inside.

3. Get some exercise - practice your yoga, go for a walk, go to the gym, or if you’re really pissed off, have a match with a punching bag. This too helps to relieve some serious built up tension which will make room for more healing vibes to flow through.

4. Lift your spirits with some spirits - Have a drink. A warm drink. With booze in it. My girlfriends make fun of me (bitches) because I’m always drinking teas or coffee when we go out for drinks. But, I find them calming, relaxing and warming. It’s like getting a hug from the inside out. And the booze helps to mellow even the most stressed out. I’m sipping this one as I write. Yummy J

5. Watch a Disney movie - There’s nothing like a good-natured children’s movie to make you feel better. Pick your favorite from when you were a kid and hunker down on the couch. It’ll make you laugh and perhaps revive that carefree feeling every child has that seems elusive to us “grown-ups”. Beauty and the Beast is playing in the background right now.

6. Get some sleep - Just go to bed. Everything always seems better in the morning after a solid 8 hours. Try to leave whatever is bothering you on the kitchen counter, you can pick it up again in the morning, if you have to. Lay your head on that pillow knowing you’re a good person and are doing your best. Close your eyes and dream about Ryan Reynolds. Or Megan Fox. She’s hot too.

Have a nice day! J

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